Can Yoga Slow Down The Aging Process?

Yoga Slow Down The Aging ProcessYoga is an excellent anti-aging tool. No matter when you begin yoga, it can make you look younger and radiant like never before. Apart from smile lines, grey hair, aging also brings many other physiological changes such as in speed, strength, elasticity and stability. These changes are harder to see but are easier to feel specially during physical activities.

What is Yoga ?

Yoga is not an elixir, it can only slow down the human aging process, it cannot stop it. You must understand it first. Yoga is a balancing act; it promotes blood circulation, flexibility, and restores your body to its previous glory.

Yoga cleanses your system first, then eases it and finally restores it. It can only work to its full potential if aided with a proper nourishing diet. Yoga can help you to glow your skin in late 30s.It can give your face a natural lift and glow..

yog”, commonly known as yoga consists of physical, mental and spiritual practices like asana, kriya, mudra, meditation, pranayama and Ayurveda.

Practicing yoga flushes out the toxins from your system, it strengthens your core and improves your blood circulation. Yoga helps in reducing stress, the most common cause behind the acceleration of aging.

Yoga is known to increase mental alertness and brain sharpness which commonly decline with aging.

Practices That Can Help

For Overall Body

Surya Namaskar or sun salutation is a combination of 12 yoga poses. Surya namaskar is a natural anti-aging solution for the skin. Many of the celebrities practice it.

It gives your skin a natural starry glow and strengthens all your joints, ligaments and muscles.

For A Youthful Face

These days facial yoga is the latest fad which helps tone and bring out the harmony in your facial features. Light facial exercises help sculpt the face and get rid of excess fat from cheeks and chin.

A research by the North-western University stated that around 18-20 week of facial exercises gave a small group of middle-aged women firmer skin and lifted cheeks. They appeared younger by at least 3 years.

How To Do:

Fill air in your mouth and shift the air from one cheek to another, 3-5 times. Release this air by making a small ‘O’. This practice will keep your cheeks firm.

Make a fish like face by bringing the sides of your cheeks together in your mouth. Practice this to firm and tone your lips as well as cheeks.

Yoga Diet

Yogic diet is also a part of this system. Yogic diet signifies that your meal must contain 50% vegetarian food and 25% water while rest of the stomach must remain empty.

Nourishment of the body’s cells and tissues make a strong foundation for the nourishment of mind and emotions. Eat more good fats like ghee (clarified butter), coconut oil. Eat raw foods like sprouts, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables.

This diet detoxifies all the organs and increases physical endurance and longevity. Yogis suggest that you must eat with bare hands. They suggest that energy in the fingertips has a positive effect on food as well.


Stress according to doctors is the black plague of 21st century. There is a new branch called “psychodermatology” which focuses only on researching on the connection between human emotions and skin health.

Chronic stress leads to production of acid in the system, this acid seeps into skin which makes its dry and less elastic.

Meditation is known to relax your mind, increase your blood circulation and even keep your hair from greying.

A Simple Meditative Technique To Begin With:

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Observe your chest, rib cage, stomach while you inhale and exhale. Do not try to control your breathing. If your mind wanders, refocus it on breathing. Practice it for 2-3 minutes in the beginning and later you can increase its time.

You Can Also Go For

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